Saturday, 13 September 2014

Mishti doi

Mishti doi is a famous bengali dessert  and one such dish which we Bongs can go on and on eating. After having a sumptuous meal, mishti doi and sondesh is the best dessert to finish our meal. Although it's mostly made during special occasions,but I simply love to make and eat whenever I feel of having it. Once I started preparing theses bengali sweets at home,I don't have that much of craving to have them in my visit to Calcutta.

It is simple to make with very few ingredients. I like to make it the traditional way as I feel that they taste best made this way. Mishti doi should be set in an earthen pot preferably a new one everytime,as the new pot releases the fresh earthern smell to the doi. Whenever I do get hold of these pots I make in them else I set in a ceramic bowl.


1. Full cream milk - 1 litre
2. Sugar - 6 tbsp
3. Green Cardamom - 4 nos
4. Curd - 100gms


Boil the milk and simmer till it reduces to 400ml approx. in a separate pot caramelise sugar till brown in colour. Be careful the sugar should not burn,now add the simmered milk to this pot and let it boil. Peel and add cardamoms and boil till the sugar dissolves completely. Let it cool till room temperature and mix the curd into the milk. Whisk with an egg beater till the curd mixes well with the milk. Now allow it to set overnight in an earthern pot/ ceramic bowl . Serve cold or chilled.

Note - I prefer less sweetness but I find the taste very nice as compared to the shop bought ones which are too sweet for my palette.In case you prefer it sweeter increase the quantity of sugar.

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