Friday, 13 February 2015

Making roti in a rotimaker

I was gifted a rotimaker almost two years back,and I hardly used it as I was not able to make roti in it properly. I was also amongst many of us who thought that making roti in it can never be fruitful. Since this winter it was very cold for a long period,dolling our roti in the traditional way was getting difficult for me as often my finger use to go numb while preparing dough manually and then dolling out chapatis the traditional way. It was then that the thought of preparing chapati in a rotimaker and kneading dough in the food processor cropped up. Now I have almost excelled in it and thought of sharing my tips and tricks with so many people like me who always dread of making chapatis.

A key note which I suggest one should always keep in mind is,use exact measurement, always. It helps and will always give good result.


1. Atta - 1cup
2. Water- 2/3cup( 70%of atta)
3. Oil -1/2 tsp
4. Salt -1/4 tsp( or as per taste)
Note - I doubled the amount of all to make 12 rotis,amount being perfect for my food processor.


I use my Philips food processor,in it I first added atta,salt,oil and pulsed for 10 secs. Now I added water and I pulsed for 30 secs. Voila dough is done in a flat 40secs time. Divide into 12 balls and keep it covered so they don't dry,preferably with a wet cloth or tissue paper.
Now heat the roti maker till the red indicator turns off,it means it's completely heated for use.
Now flatten a ball of the dough little bit and press, I press the rotimaker twice to get the proper shape and size. Flip sides and continue do so 6-7times ,keeping each side for 10-20secs till you see brown bubbles starts forming. Lower the upper flap and lovely roti will slip out automatically. 

While packing for lunch boxes,rub small amount of ghee else they tend to stick to each other.


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  2. This is lovely..once one of my friend had got the roti maker and trust me the rotis which came out of it were not even close to what you have got by long shot. :( :(. It was more like a khakhara and since then I never thought of getting a rotimaker for myself. But looking at your post I am inspired to give it a shot. Thanks!!

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  4. thanks for showing step by step procedure of roti maker, realy its great effort, keep up the good work always