Thursday, 19 March 2015

Simple okra(bhindi) fry

Spring is coming late in our region,but I guess we all are loving and enjoying the extended lovely cold weather. Visiting the vegetable markets is so much fun during this season that I never miss a chance to go for some green shopping. This week when I was there in the market filling my bag with the endless options of vegetable and fruits,I found a small heap of okra displayed for sale. The first glance of it made me realise that summer is now not too far and the cold weather will be gone very soon,but Mr S loves eating bhindi so much that the mere sight of it made me smile. So in a way it was a yippee moment for him when he noticed that I was staring at the heap of bhindi,hehehe. 
To welcome bhindi in our palette this season I thought of making this simple but very tasty dish out of it.


1. Bhindi - 250 gms
2. Turmeric powder - 1 tsp
3. Red chilly powder - 1 tsp
4. Amchur powder - 2 tsp
5. Rice flour - 4tsp
6. Salt to taste 
7. Mustard oil for frying


Wash the bhindis and pat dry. Remove the edges and slit lengthwise. In a mixing bowl place bhindis, except oil,add all the ingredients,mix well and keep aside for 15 mins. Heat oil in a frying pan and shallow fry the bhindis till done. Serve hot with chapatis or paranthas. 

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