Saturday, 11 April 2015

Sabudana kheer

This Navratri I discovered this dish which many love to have during the fasting period. Initially I was surprised to know that any such kheer does exist,but once I tried making it,I knew from now this will be in my favourite list. I generally prefer making sabudana Wada,but kheer is something new and innovative way to look out for. This kheer is very rich in texture and something different from the regular rice kheer pudding we all make.


1. Sabudana(sago) - 1/3cup(standard measurement)
2. Full cream milk - 1 litre
3. Green cardamom - 2 nos
4. Chopped nuts for garnishing
5. Sugar - 1/4 cup(standard measurement, add more if you like sweeter,I prefer mild sweet)


Soak sabudanas in water for 3-4 hrs,just enough to soak,don't add excess water else it will get soggy. Boil milk,simmer till it reaches half the volume. Now add sago,green cardamom(torn) and simmer in low flame for 8-10 mins,till the sago is soft but firm giving a rich texture. Add sugar,simmer till it dissolves. Serve cold or in room temperature and garnish with chopped nuts.

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