Sunday, 12 January 2014

Vegetable juice

I am never fond of juices and soups. Seeing their health benefits,I just manage to gulp them down. Lately,I have been reading that fruit juice should  be taken occasionally as they tend to up your sugar levels,but vegetable juice you can have in umpteen amount. Leading dieticians have been recommending more of vegetable juices intake regularly. Anyways this beetroot and carrot juice is my hubby's recipe. Although he knows nothing of cooking,but managed to watch the ingredients being mixed being when getting his juice prepared in the juice centres. I have added some more ingredients to add flavour to combat with the chilly winter in our area. 


1. Carrot - 3 nos
2. Beetroot - 1 no
3. Ginger - 2 inch
4. Raw turmeric - 2 inch
5. Mint leaves - 1 small bunch
6. Coriander - 1 small bunch
7. Anwla - 3 nos
8. Black pepper corn - 10 to 12
9. Cloves - 4 to 5
10. Rock salt to taste
11. Lemon - 1 no

Make a juice out of all this ingredients,for reference I am uploading pics of the ingredients as well.

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