Thursday, 20 March 2014

Orange rind khoya besan barfi

This holi I made gujhiya and this barfi for sweets. Hope you all had a lovely holi. Although I love colours, but generally I don't prefer playing much,only to avoid undue advantage people generally try to make in the name of the festival. So to be safe I prefer playing holi only with family members.
With lot of oranges in stock I thought of preparing this barfi with orange rind,the crux being is to prepare a sweet which is not available in the market. In a way, you treasure such recipes which belongs only to you and enjoy seeing the smiling faces of your family after eating them. To prepare this sweet I had purchased khoya from the market this time and did not make it at home. Generally ready made khoya is full with milk powder,corn starch or maida,but sometimes going easy is good also. I used besan to reduce the milk powder taste from the khoya and it really turned out well.


1. Khoya - 200gms
2. Besan - 100gms
3. Desi ghee - 4 tbsp
4. Green Cardamom - 2 nos
5. Sugar( fine granules) - 1/4 cup( add more if you want sweeter)
6. Orange rind - 2 tsp(simply grate the orange  colour skin of an orange)
7. Orange food colour as required


Crumble the khoya as much as possible. Actually I grated them to get a fine texture.
Heat desi ghee in a wok,add besan and stir fry in low heat till besan starts changing colour. 
It leads to Lots of exercise for the hand muscles :-)
Now add khoya,sugar,mix well and keep stirring till the mixture gets little dry. Initially khoya will release it's fat and will be a little greasy. Will take 8 to 10 mins.Peel and add cardamom,orange rind,food colour and mix well for another minute. Grease a plate with ghee and spread the mixture on it. Press the mixture with a spatula on the plate. Cool and cut into desired shape and enjoy.

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