Sunday, 22 April 2012

Gold coin toast with veg egg scramble

Ingredients for gold coin toast

1.Bread - 2piece cut into round shape(I have taken atta bread)
2.Finely chopped vegetables - 1cup(equal portions of cauliflower,beans,onion,capsicum)
3.Grated cottage cheese - 1/4cup
4.Coriander leaves for garnishing
5.Tomato sauce for garnishing
6.Chilly flakes - 1tsp
7.Salt to taste
8.Olive oil - 2tsp


Mix  cheese with chopped vegetables in a bowl.Add salt and chilly flakes to it Now layer this mixture on the bread slices.Keep aside..Heat oil in a frying pan and roll over the oil on the pan so that you get a coating of oil in the entire pan.Next place the bread with mixture and cook in a low flame.Press the veggies on the bread with a spatula so the the veggies stick well to the bread.Flip the bread and cook the other side too.Now apply tomato sauce on the toast and garnish with coriander leaves.Keep aside.

Ingredients for veg egg scramble

1.Eggs - 3nos
2.Finely chopped vegetables - 1cup(equal portions of mushroom,spring onion,tomato,capsicum)
3.Salt to taste
4.Black pepper powder - 1tsp
5.Olive oil - 2tsp


In a mixing bowl mix vegetables,salt,black pepper  powder.Whisk eggs and pour into the vegetable mix.Nicely stir.Heat oil in a frying pan and pour the entire mixture.Keep stirring till you get a nice scramble mix thoroughly cooked.

Now plate the entire food as shown in picture.

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