Thursday, 5 April 2012

Veg pasta in mint n chilly sauce


1.Pasta - 2cups(boiled)
2.Carrot - 1/2cup(boiled)
3.Beans - 1/2cup (boiled)
4.Tomato - 2nos(chopped)
5.Chilly mint sauce - 1cup
6.Olive oil - 4tsp
7.Salt to taste


Heat oil in a frying pan.Toss the pasta,carrot,beans,tomato in it and fry for a minute on high flame.Add the chilly,mint sauce and stir fry for 30secs.Serve hot.

Ingredients for chilly mint sauce

1.Dry red chilly - 5nos (deseeded and soaked for 2hrs)
2.Onion  - 1 medium size fried to brown colour
3.Garlic - 8nos fried to brown colour
4.Mint - 1/2cup

Make a paste by blending them with the help of some water.

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