Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Cauliflower fried rice,seam chicken,firni

Ingredients for cauliflower fried rice

1. Boiled rice- 2cups
2. Cauliflower chopped- 3/4 cup
3. Tomato chopped - 1 big
4. Shah jeera - 1tsp
5. Desi ghee - 2tsp
6. Salt to taste
7. Black pepper powder - 1tsp


Heat 1tsp desi ghee in a wok. Add shah jeera,allow to splutter. Next add cauliflower and cook,covered in a low flame till it softens. Now add tomato,salt and stir fry for one minute. Next add rice and stir fry for some more time. Lastly add black pepper powder and remaining desi ghee,serve hot.

Ingredients for saem chicken

1. Saem - 250gms( boil and make a fine paste)
2. Chicken boneless - 500gms
3. Cumin seeds - 1tsp
4. Ginger chopped - 1tsp
5. Garlic chopped -2tsp
6. Turmeric powder - 1tsp
7. Coriander powder - 1tsp
8. Red chilly powder - 1tsp
9. Salt to taste
10. Mustard oil - 3tsp


Heat oil in a pan,add cumin seeds and allow to splutter. Now add ginger,garlic and fry till they change brown in colour. Add the chicken pieces and cover,cook for 3 to 4 mins. Now add turmeric powder,chilly powder,salt,coriander powder and cook,covered,stirring occasionally till the chicken is thoroughly cooked. Add the saem paste,stir and cook for one more minute. Serve hot.

Ingredients for firni

1. Basmati rice powder - 25gms
2. Full cream milk - 500ml
3. Sugar - 100gms
4. Rose water - 1tsp
5. Chopped nuts for garnishing


Soak rice powder for 20 mins. Boil milk in a pan and add the soaked rice powder into it. Cook in a low flame,stirring frequently till it forms a thick smooth paste,it will take 20 mins approx. now add sugar and cook further till it completely dissolves. Switch off the flame and add rose water,chopped nuts. Cool and serve,best served in earthern pot.

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