Wednesday, 17 October 2012



1. Maida- 2/3 cup
2. Rice flour - 1/3 cup
3. Grated coconut - 1/3 cup
4. Fennel seeds( saunf) - 2tsp
5. Sugar - 1/3 cup( add more if you want sweeter)
6. A pinch of salt
7. Sugar syrup- 1 cup(make by dissolving and heating equal amount of water and sugar)
8. Condensed milk for topping
9. Refined oil for pan frying


Make a smooth batter of maida,rice flour,sugar,salt,coconut and keep aside for 30 mins. Now heat some oil in a pan. Add fennel seeds in the batter. Add 1 ladle of batter to the pan and make into small circular shape pan cake. Fry from both sides. Repeat till you have used all the batter. Pour the sugar syrup onto the fried malpuas and let it absorb for 5 mins. While serving pour some condensed milk and serve hot or cold.

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