Monday, 27 February 2012

Fruit bun with veggies n fruit salad

Attractive and tasty to eat for kids and everyone.Ideal to pack for tiffin boxes too.


1.Fruit bun-2nos(You can use any other bread too)
2.Fresh cream- 1/2cup(whipped)
3.Cottage cheese(paneer)-100gms(diced into small pieces)
4.Capsicum -100gms(cut into small pieces)
5.Tomato - 100gms(deseed and take only the outer portion and cut into small pieces)
6.Garlic cloves - 1tsp(chopped)
7.Black pepper powder-1/2 tsp
9.Oregano(dry) - 1tsp
10.Salt to taste
11.Olive oil-1tsp


In a frying pan add olive oil.Once hot add garlic and fry till they turn brown in colour.Now add capsicum,tomato,cottage cheese and stir fry for a minute  in high flame to retain the crunchiness .Add in salt and black pepper powder and keep stirring for a few more seconds.Switch off the flame and add oregano and give a final stir.Cut the fruit buns horizontally and coat the inner layers with fresh cream.Layer the veggies inside.Serve with fruit salad as shown in picture.I have used papaya as a serving tray for fruit salad.

Note-Fruit salad recipe is also given in the previous post. I preferred using fruit buns as kids would like the mild sweet  taste of the bun.

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