Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Veggie wrap


1.Chapattis - 3nos(you can also use tortilla)
2.Mushroom - 100gms
3.Brinjal - 100gms
4.Tomato - 100gms(only the outer part)
5.Pumpkin - 100gms
6.Green peas - 100gms
7.Coriander - 4tsp(finely chopped)
8.Onion - 1medium(chopped)
9.Garlic- 1tsp(chopped)
10.Salt to taste
11.Olive oil- 1tsp
12,Butter in small amount
13.Black pepper powder - 1/2tsp


Chop the vegetables.In a frying pan add olive oil.Once hot add garlic,fry till they change colour, add onion and continue cooking  till they turn pink.Subsequently add pumpkin,brinjal,peas and stir fry in high flame till they are tender.Then add mushroom and tomato and keep stirring for another few minutes.Once all the veggies are cooked add coriander,salt and black pepper powder.
Now coat the chappatis with butter and fill in the veggies and fold them as shown in the image.

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