Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Kalakand - A sweet

Instant to make and delicious to eat with few ingredients needed.


1.Paneer(cottage cheese) - 400gms
2.Condensed milk - 1/2tin
3.Dry fruits(roughly cut) to garnish


In a frying pan, crumble the entire amount of paneer. Switch on the flame and cook in a low flame till most of the moisture dries up.Add condensed milk and cook further till the entire mix almost dries up.Keep stirring occasionally.It will be a little sticky in the end.
Take a plate and spread the cut dry fruits on it.Now layer the panner mix on it and press slightly.Allow to cool and then refrigerate for 30mins to set.Lastly cut them into square shapes.

Note - I did not use any sweetner as condensed milk in itself will give the required sweetness to the dish.

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