Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Sweet potato desert(sweet)


1.Sweet potato - 250gms(boiled and mashed)
2.Khoya - 150gms
3.Dessicated coconut - 100gms
4.Sugar powder - 100gms
5.Cardamom - 2nos
6.Sugar syrup - 1 bowl(Boil 200gms sugar and 200ml water till the entire sugar dissolves)
7.Refined oil for deep frying
8.Maida(all purpose flour) - 4tsp


Mix Maida and mashed sweet potato with a pinch of salt.Keep aside.In a frying pan mix coconut,sugar powder,khoya,cardamom and cook them till they mix well and have a dry texture.Now rub some maida on ur palm and take a small portion of sweet potato and fill a small amount of khoya mixture into it.Cover with some more sweet potato mix and shape them as shown in the picture.Dab some maida onto the sweet as it may be sticky.Deep fry until golden brown.Dip them in the sugar syrup for 4 to 5 minutes.Take out from the syrup and garnish with some khoya mixture.

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