Friday, 2 March 2012

Nutty n fruity pancake

This recipe is ideal for a morning breakfast or evening snacks.Surprise your kids by packing them in their tiffin boxes.


1.Wheat flour - 1cup
2.Rice flour - 2tsp
3.Maida(all purpose flour) - 1/2cup
4.Fennel(sauf)seeds - 1tsp(heapful)
5.Salt to tast(add a small amount)
6.Dry fuits chopped - for topping on the pancake.
7.Fruits chopped - for topping on the pancake (I used apple and chikoo you may use any of your choice)
8.Sugar - 1tsp
9.Fresh grated coconut - for topping
10.Chocolate sauce for garnishing
11.Refined oil for shallow frying


In a large bowl mix in wheat flour,rice flour,maida.salt,sugar,fennel seeds.Make a fine flowy paste(like dosa batter) with the help of water and keep it for a minimum of 1hour.I kept it overnight in the refrigerator.Heat a tsp of oil in a good non-stick frying pan.Pour one ladle of the batter and spread it in circular motion.wait for a few seconds and spread dry fruits,fruits and grated coconut.Press them slightly so that they stick well with the pan cake.When almost cooked gently flip to the other side.If required add a little oil from the sides.Since I used a non-stick pan so it was not difficult for me.Now serve on a plate and pour in some chocolate sauce on to it.Can be eaten hot or cold.

Note-When packing for tiffin boxes roll them so that all the topping stays intact.You can also add honey on the topping.

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