Sunday, 4 March 2012

Paneer(cottage cheese) sweet - Holi special

Make this simple and easy to make sweet, to enjoy in the coming Holi festival.


1.Paneer - 500gms
2.Milk powder - 6tsp(heapful)
3.Sugar powder - 5tsp
4.Cardamom - 2nos
5.Food colour(orange and green) - 2drops each
6.Almond and Cashewnuts to decorate
7.Coconut freshly grated - 4tsp


In a frying pan crush the entire amount of paneer.Switch on the flame and cook the paneer, stirring occasionally.Keep cooking in a low flame.Paneer will release moisture.Once the moisture is reduced add milk powder.It will take 5 to 6minutes to reach this stage.Once almost dry add sugar powder and cardamom.Switch off the flame once all the moisture dries up.Cool till it comes to room temperature.Blend the mixture in a blender for 20seconds,this will give a very smooth texture to it. Now divide it into 3 portions.In one portion add orange colour,in the second portion add green colour.Third portion to be kept in its original colourMake a total 12 balls out of the mixture.Stuff very small portion of grated coconut in each of them.Decorate with almond and cashewnuts.

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